Slovenia, this was our very first campervan experience back in 2018. We rented a very old VW campervan and hit the road to Slovenia discovering its lakes, forests and mountains.


Denmark is famous for being a great sport for camping and we can only confirm this. We discovered great spots with beautiful views and truely enjoyed this ultimate freedom to visit this country in Northern Europe.


We did visited this french Region last winter and found ourselves far away from the usual tourism. Its breathtaking nature is ideal for a camper van trip.


Sweden – This country in Northern Europe with its more than 100.000 lakes is a dream destination for every Camper. The country has a beautiful nature, lots of space and an open policy with regards to camping and other outdoor activities.


Switzerland is famous for its breathtaking mountain panorama but this does not mean that you cannot travel the country in a campervan. The country is actually full of the most beautiful campervan spots just next to amazing hiking possibilities.