Travelling Sweden in a campervan

Sweden, this country in Northern Europe with its more than 100.000 lakes is a dream destination for every Camper. The country has a beautiful nature, lots of space and an open policy with regards to camping and other outdoor activities. When travelling this beautiful country in a campervan, you definitely experience the ultimate freedom and feel the beauty of nature.


Capital: Stockholm
Population: 10,23 Million
Area: 440.000 square kilometers – This makes Sweden the country with the lowest population density in Europe
Time Zone: UTC +2
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK) – 1 EUR is about 10-11 SEK
Payments: In Sweden, almost everything can be paid by card. We actually managed to travel three weeks around the country without changing money.


When travelling in a camper van, the best time to travel to Sweden is definitely the summer time from June to August when the weather is the most stable and the days are long.

Sweden sunglasses

However, always be ready for rain and colder temperatures as weather conditions change very quickly from a blue and sunny sky to a rainy 15 C°. When we travelled Sweden in July 2020, it rained quite a lot even though we had many sunny moments. In other years travelers were more lucky and had beautiful summer conditions with almost 30 C°.

If you go to Sweden for winter sports or to see the Northern light, you have to visit the country during the winter months of course.


There are two possibilities to get your Campervan to Sweden.

  • Ferry

One possibility is to take the ferry from Germany. There are regular connections from Travemünde in Germany to either Trelleborg (6 hours) or Malmö (9 hours). You can compare prices and book your tickets on directferries.

  • Road

The other possibility is to take the road through Denmark and the Oresund bridge. This is definitely the fastest option but not necessarily the cheapest as tolls for the bridges in Denmark are quite high. You also need to consider the cost for the additional kilometers you drive with your camper.

  • How to choose

We, therefore, would suggest to compare prices in order to decide on the best option for you. When we travelled to Sweden in 2020, we did not really had the choice because of closed borders in Denmark and we were lucky to get a really cheap ferry ticket (190 EUR round trip for two persons and the camper).


Sweden is definitely one of the best camper van destinations in Europe as wild camping is allowed anywhere.

Whether you travel in a camper van, 4×4 or a tent, Park4night helps you to find great spots to spend the night. Our favorite spots were those at the lakes with a pic nic table and fireplace. Even with our big camper van we were able to find the most beautiful spots where we were all (or almost) alone.

However, we noticed that Swedes do not seem to use the app very much and most comments are actually in German. This is why you might also find your own spots from time time.

You can also use Swedestops, a network of free stopovers for motorhomes in the Swedish countryside. Participation costs 346 SEK per year and you need to adhere in order to use the spots.


LPG – If you have a GPL tank in you van, you should know that Sweden does not have a huge network of places where you can recharge. However, when planning a bit ahead, you will still find a LPG station. In Sweden you need to use the DISH adapter for filling your LPG tank.

Water/ Toilet – As we did not use the official camping areas for our services, we sometimes struggle to get all the services done as only very few public service areas with all three services (water, toilet, grey water) exist. We often had to stop at one place for the water and at another place for the toilet.


Here are some ideas for activities and itineraries in Sweden:


If you are looking for an itinerary for your next Sweden trip, this is our ultimate 3 weeks road trip itinerary in Southern Sweden.