Travelling Sweden in a campervan

Sweden, this country in Northern Europe with its more than 100.000 lakes is a dream destination for every Camper. The country has a beautiful nature, lots of space and an open policy with regards to camping and other outdoor activities. When travelling this beautiful country in a campervan, you definitely experience the ultimate freedom and feel the beauty of nature.


Capital: Stockholm
Population: 10,23 Million
Area: 440.000 square kilometers – This makes Sweden the country with the lowest population density in Europe
Time Zone: UTC +2
Currency: Swedish Krona (SEK) – 1 EUR is about 10-11 SEK
Payments: In Sweden, almost everything can be paid by card. We actually managed to travel three weeks around the country without changing money.


Here are some ideas for activities and itineraries in Sweden:


If you are looking for an itinerary for your next Sweden trip, this is our ultimate 3 weeks road trip itinerary in Southern Sweden.