Explore the World with us


Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. These are the countries we have visited so far. Come and discover them with us.


Even though so close, Europe has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches to vibrant cities and historic places. Come and discover the great diversity of the European continent.


SAFARIS this is what Africa is known for. But the continent has so much more to offer. Come and see for yourself.


This is the continent we know most, besides Europe. We discovered Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and many more.


This is the ultimate freedom: road tripping around Europe and stopping whenever and wherever you want to spend the night in a camper van at the beach, in the middle of the forest or on empty parking areas surrounded by nature or historical sites.

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Aletsch Glacier panorama trail: Hiking along the greatest glacier of the Alps

Hiking is one of the main summer activities in Switzerland and the beautiful mountain panorama is always worth the detour. But this time, we wanted to see more than that and decided to visit the Aletsch Arena in the Bernese Alps to hike along the famous Aletsch Glacier, the greatest (and probably most accessible) glacier of the Alps.

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