Discover France

France is the most visited country in the world and this is not without reason. The country’s landscape is one of the most diverse in the world. Paris, the City of Love, the luxurious Côte d’Azur with its mediterranean lifestyle, the rude nature of Brittany and the breathtaking mountain panorama of the Alps are only some of the beautiful places that you can visit in France.


Capital: Paris
Population: 67 Million
Currency: Euro
Time zone: UCT +1 CET and UTC +2 CEST

Campervan travel in france

Campervan spots

Depending on where you travel and when, France is a great destination for campervan travel. Of course, wild camping is regulated and great spots during the school holidays at the more touristic areas are difficult to get (as almost everywhere) but once you leave the beaten tracks, there are many free and designated areas for campervans where you can even find free or very low cost services. Indeed, small cities do offer this infrastructure to attract visitors.

We found this amazing spot during our road trip through Birittany, a more touristic area of the country. However, during the winter holidays, we were all alone at this amazing place.

Also don’t forget to check out Park4night and France passion to find your spots.

Gas bottles

In France, only local gas bottles can be refilled. These bottles can be rented and connected with an adapter.


In France, LPG is called GPL and can be found at approximately 1 out of 7 gas stations in the whole country. This means that there is an LPG station almost every 60 kilometers so that you should not have any problem to find a station when you need it.

Use the Dish connector, also known as Italian adapter to fill your LPG tank.