Winter in Brittany: 5 epic days of vanlife in Finistère

Brittany, or Bretagne as the French call it, is the most Western Region of France. During 5 days we visited the Finistère part of the Region which, in the local language Breton, translates into “End of the World”. And when spending a night all alone in a campervan on the top of the cliffs, this name sounds quite right and you think that you are the only one in the world.

We had made the very brave decision to spend some days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve having another camper van experience, this time in Brittany, France. The Region is not really known for its good weather conditions, so we were not sure what to expect.

We rented a campervan not far from our final destination on Yescapa, a platform for camper van rentals between individuals, and after taking over our van, we were off to get closer to the Finistère region. After a first night at a small parking spot in a small village on the road, we arrived to our destination just before lunch.

Day 1 – Pointe du raz

The Pointe du Raz is almost but not quite the westernmost point of France but its huge waves hitting the beautiful high cliffs, its strong wind and its old light tower, named the “Little Old Lady” make this place a popular spot for tourists and locals.

Whether you are traveling in a camper van or not, the best way to visit the famous Pointe du Raz is by a hike. So instead of using the parking spot right at the Pointe du Raz, we did park at the Pointe du van, another cape only some kilometers away and started our hike from there. If you want to know more about this hike, discover our article Pointe du Raz: Hiking at the end of the world.

We spent the night only some kilometers from there at the Pointe de Brezellec. The parking lot offers enough space for more than one campervan (even bigger ones) and a breathtaking view on the colorful cliffs. To our surprise, we were the only campers choosing this place for the night.

Brittany campervan

Day 2 – Crozon PENINSULA

After our morning coffee with this beautiful view, we started our day by exploring the area around our campsite. When climbing down the super steep road just down the parking lot, you can discover a small harbor with a very special atmosphere. But go and see for yourself.

We then continued our road to the Pointe de Penharn, a small detour from where we spent the night. The place was completely empty and we discovered a beautiful walk along the cliffs. Don’t be afraid to path the little wooden gate that leads you towards the sea. Facing this beautiful and powerful nature was definitely worth the detour.

Brittany reserve

It was then time to continue to the Crozon Pensinsula, a very famous tourist destination in the area. But before arriving, the road led us to a huge and beautiful white sanded beach. We couldn’t resist to park our van and take a walk on this amazing beach. We don’t remember the name but there are so many huge and beautiful beaches that you can just pick one.

For lunch we stopped at a Crèperie to eat a Galette complète (French pancake with bacon, cheese and egg) and drink some cider. This is basically the most typical food you can find in the area and we wanted to make sure to have it at least once during our 5 days trip.

The next destination was the Cap de la Chèvre, the southernmost point of the Crozon peninsula. We passed by Morgat, a small harbour town. Unfortunately, streets are so small that we had problems to circulate with the campervan and we quickly went on.

Another great stop on the way to the Cape seems to be the Virgin Island beach. We somehow missed that spot and regretted it quite a bit later on when we did our research on places to see.

However, arriving at the Cap de la Chèvre was a great experience and we took the hiking path once again. The time didn’t allow us to do a big tour but if you have more time, there are amazing hiking paths all along the coast.

Brittany sea

It is quite difficult to find a spot for the night on the Crozon peninsula, so we had to leave this area for in the evening… just to come back the next morning.

Day 3 – Crozon PENINSULA

This morning we went to Camaret-sur-mer, a little town with a cute harbor in the northern part of the Crozon peninsula. After a short walk along the harbor, we wanted to see the other Capes of the peninsula and headed to the Pointe de Pen-Hir another beautiful place on earth.

Brittany lights

To complete our series of Capes, we continued to the Pointe du Tourlinguet and the Pointe des Espagnols. At each Cape you can walk along the coast, breath the fresh air and admire the stunning view on the cliffs and the sea.

The highlight of the day was, as it happens so often, something we had not planned to see. On our way back, we passed by a great surfer beach just around sunset and we could’t believe our eyes when we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets, we have ever seen. I dind’t even know that this was possible in Europe as amazing sunsets was something I associated with Asia. The surf spot atmosphere in the middle of Winter in Brittany made this moment even more special.

Brittany sunset

Day 4 – Pont-Aven and Kercanic

On our last full day of the trip, we decided to visit Pont-Aven, an idyllic little town famous for Paul Gauguin’s paintings and for its biscuits. The most interesting area is situated around the small river which gives Pont-Aven a great charm. Wander around the Old Town and finnish off by buying some delicious famous biscuits at the Biscuiterie Trau Mad where these biscuits were invented in 1920.

Next stop, Kercanic, a village with traditional houses full of charm with its blue-shuttered granite and covered by thatched roofs. Even though the houses are beautiful, the place in itself is quite small with only a few houses to see. In our point of view, this destination is great for a short stop on the road but does not justify a big detour.

Brittany housing

We finished our trip by a walk on the Beach Plage Dourveil another beautiful and empty white-sanded beach. From there, we started our long ride back.

Day 5 – Way Home and conclusion

We could have easily spent some more days exploring this part of France. However, this was not the first and definitely not the last time that we visit this area.

We did not visit some quite famous spots in the area such as Concarneau, a medieval town, and Quimper, the capital of the Finistère region, because we had already visited these places more than once. However, if this is your first trip to Brittany, you can easily replace Pont-Aven and Kercanic by these great places. There are also some pretty nice islands in the area which we did’t have the time to visit. But as I said, we will be back!

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