Van Tour – This is our new campervan

We finally did it. After some great camper van rentals and some years of reflection, we finally bought our own camper van. And we didn’t do things by half-measures as we bought a Hymer B614 CL from 2009.

We had watched the camper van market for years and did see 2nd hand prices go up every year. But in the end it was the current travel restrictions that made us take the decision to finally buy our own second home on wheels and we look forward to some amazing adventures in Europe and beyond.

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We always liked the Hymer integrated camper vans and this is what we were looking for when starting our research. When we found this beauty on the market, we could not resist any longer as it was exactly what we were looking for.

The Bedrooms

We do love this configuration as it is super comfortable without being too long (6,99m). Indeed, the Hymer B614CL has two permanent beds with enough space for 4 people. There is one crosswise bed in the back and one bed on top of the cabin.

The Living Room

The living-room area is very comfortable and offers enough space for 4-6 people sitting around the table. We haven’t invited friends over yet but we will definitely catch up on that very soon.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is also super spacious with enough space to store food and everything else you might need. We even have a big fridge and a freezer for ice cream.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a very typical bathroom with a toilet and a separated shower in one room. However, there is a great trick to win some space by moving the sink. This allows us to have a real size shower in our home on wheels.

The Garage

Another great things is the big storage space in the back of the vehicle. We do use this space for everything we need for great adventures on the road. Indeed, we store our bikes, our outside furniture, our barbecue and not to forget our inflatable kayak.


We are not the camping area kind of travelers so a sufficient autonomy was important for us. After some negotiations, the vehicle came with three solar panels, two batteries in the cabin and a 220 V converter to charge all our photo and video equipment.


We love our new home on wheels even though maintenance costs cannot be neglected. In order to reduce the costs of our new hobby, we do share this beautiful mobile home with you on Yescapa.

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