#vanlife: How to best find the most scenic campervan spots

Instagram and its #vanlife is promising lots of amazing campervan spots, one more beautiful than the other and surrounded by untouched nature. But when you start travelling in a van, you quickly notice that it is not always easy to find these great spots, especially when visiting touristic areas or when travelling during the school holidays. And while there is no miraculous solution, we wanted to list some ways to find the most scenic campervan spots for an unforgettable trip.

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Special Apps


These days, the App Park4night is probably the most common way to look for scenic campervan spots on European roads.

The principle is quite easy. Everybody can share their best spots on a map and other travellers can find these spots, spend the night and rate them by adding pictures and comments.

It is definitely the way we look for our campervan spots most of the time because it does not need much preparation and it definitely works. Even though, you won’t have the most incredible spot every night, you definitely have good chances of finding amazing spots such as this one ⬇️


IOverlander is yet another app that works similar to Park4night. However, as its name indicates, the app is specialised in overlanding experiences in more remote areas. When travelling in France you will probably find more places on Park4night but once you leave Europe and travel to more exotic destinations this App is often recommended.

Of course, the downside of this way of sharing your spots is obvious because some of these places quickly get busy. Please always respect the nature and leave the place as you have found it (or maybe even cleaner). This is the only way of enjoying the beauties of vanlife over time.

Farm stay

Another easy and very convenient way to find your dream campervan spot is to stay at local farms that offer some places for campervans. If you want to meet locals, discover different food productions and try delicious traditional products, this is the best way to find your spot.

The concept? You buy a yearly admission fee (most of the time by buying a guide book or an acces to an app or website) and then look for the most interesting places around you. Once you arrive, the owner will welcome you and show you around. It is recommended to purchase some of the products but you are not obliged to do so. However, it is always great to try delicious local products and support the farmers’ initiative to allow campervans to stay on their property. Definitely a win win for everybody!

These are some of the networks in Europe and beyond:

France: France Passion

Germany: Landvergnügen and Winzeratlas (for wine productions)

Switzerland: Swiss Terroir

Sweden: Swedestops

Denmark: Printip

Spain: Espana discovery

Italy: Agricamper

USA and Canada: Harvest Host

New Zealand: Okay2stay

Some of the networks even work together so that you can get special rates if you are already member of one of the schemes. Just check it out and try one of them on your next trip.

Home Camper

Often, the most beautiful places are situated on private property and it is therefore prohibited to park your camper for the night without the consent of the owner. Home Camper does solve this issue by allowing land owners to rent their space to campers.

Just create a profile, book a spot and enjoy your trip!

find it yourself

This one needs some more time and preparation but it is definitely the best way to find places that others don’t know. Either you have enough time during your trip to just search for great spots on the road (sometimes you might even be lucky enough to just come across the perfect place) or you prepare your trip with applications such as google street view in order to look for amazing spots before leaving home.

ask friends and family

Last but not least, this is the most old fashioned way to find your dream campervan spot but mouth to mouth recommendation still works. If you have other campers among your friends and families, just share your best spots with them and ask for advice when traveling to places that they have already been to. Simple but efficient.

What else?

Of course vanlife does not come with the most scenic campervan spots every day but if you use the different options of this article, you have good chances to find beautiful spots on your next trip. In order to maximise your chances to spend an incredible night at those breathtaking spots you dream of when looking at your instagram account you should, however, do one thing: Avoid crowded areas and discover the beautiful nature off the beaten tracks. Enjoy!

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